Van Grondelle


Het Historisch Kadaster als bron voor genealogisch onderzoek, de familie Van Grondelle te Geertruidenberg
Where did our ancestors live? What houses did they own and when? For the town of Geertruidenberg much is known thanks to the 'historical real estate register' of this town. This article sketches the possible use of these registers for genealogical research. Based on these sources this article describes six generations of the Van Grondelle family, who lived in the town of Geertruidenberg from 1635 till appr. 1800.

Een timmerman uit Geertruidenberg; de levensloop van Cornelis van Grondelle, meester orgel- en fortepianomaker en -steller
This article describes the life of Cornelis van Grondelle. Cornelis, son of Jeremias van Grondelle and Janneken van der Sluijs, was born in 1733 at Geertruidenberg. At first he worked in his father's carpentry shop. Cornelis and his wife Geertruy Wijnen got three children: Jannetje, Leendert and Adriana Cornelia. After his wife's death in 1777 Cornelis moved to Amsterdam. There he married Helena Bettink, the widow of Engelbertus Hagemann. Hagemann was an organ and piano maker. Cornelis and Helena continued Hagemann's business together. In 1792 they moved to the town of Naarden, where Cornelis died in 1795.

Een Breukelse organist en zijn gezin in de 19e eeuw
This article describes the life of Leonardus van Grondelle. Leonardus, son of Cornelis van Grondelle and Geertruy Wijnen, was from about 1800 to 1834 organist on the church organ of the Reformed Dutch Church at Breukelen. Leonardus and his wife Ernestina Johanna Mocklerin got seven children. Their son Leonardus is the ancestor of the huge Van Grondelle family at the village of Zeist.

Van hooploper tot opperstuurman, de loopbaan van Boudewijn van Grondelle bij de Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie
In 1747 Boudewijn van Grondelle from Middelburg sailed to the East Indies on the VOC-ship Baarzande. After several voyages with the VOC he became first mate. In all he made seven voyages. He died in 1765 in the hospital of Batavia. This article describes his life and that of his family.